Tur Holding established in 2013. The Chairman and managing director of the company is Shukhrat Tursunov

Is a trading company in Import and Export of Uzbekistan. He specializes in independent research and sales of products. His field of activity includes pharmaceutical products, biologically active additives, chemical products, medical equipment and accessories, household appliances, electronic products, medical supplies, cosmetic products, construction products, food, mainly export to countries of Africa and Asia. importer company country from China, India, New Zealand and Europe.

Our Vision

Life is given once, therefore, people should be healthy and happy, we serve this.

Our Mission

Tur Holding – an Uzbek export-import organization that promotes its ideas in several countries around the world. In pursuit of global aspirations, we strive for an organization with a strong root in supply chain management that leaves a colorful past and has a clear vision of the future.